“FAMALEONIS” is determined to reconstruct how an italian mercenary group of soldiers used to live in the Romagna area between 1465 and 1495.

This exact and well outlined characterization of time and space constitutes the premise of high quality and accuracy in historical reconstruction.

After examining closely the historical enviroment that we decided to reconstruct, thanks to the old iconographic sources, we always try to recreate real life scenes and a special atmosphere through truthful clothing and handmade manufactured articles. The handmade products are this way used and exploited: we are not interested in acting, nor in theatrical performances, visitors realize themselves that according to didactic principles, we are deeply involved in this historical period by living it and by being a part of it during the local events we take part in.

Thanks to our passion for history we try to convey to visitors our historic and cultural knowledges, important but unfortunately minimized details not within everyone' s grasp.

Popularizing a past period of time involves the visitor, who has a direct contact with the Company members in a real historical situation recreated according to real life and not as a theatrical performance. The visitor is offered a unique opportunity to “breathe history”, not by being part of a steady audience, by being a witness of history.

We would be glad to start a cooperation with all those Companies, Associations, Public and Private Institutions, whose main interest is to spread and exchange